THE EARLY FOLK BAND - Robin Hood im Schwarzwald



Robin Hood and his band
Live in the woods and parks of Freiburg

The legend in ballads, songs and dances
"A brief touch of the life and death of Robin Hood, who died in 1198, being the 9. yeare of the reigne of King Richard Lionheart. Carefully collected out of the truest Writers of our English Chronicles. Written down and published for the satisfaction of those who desire to see truth purged from falsehood."( "A True Tale of Robin Hood" by Martin Parker, London, 1632))

Fri 27 Aug   Weidenpalast, Vauban -  12 noon | 3 pm | 6 pm
Sat 28 Aug   Vogelsanghütte, St. Ottilien -  3 pm | 6 pm
Sun 29 Aug   Vogelsanghütte, St. Ottilien - 12 noon | 3 pm | 6 pm
Mon 30 Aug  Stadtgarten, Bandstand - 12 noon | 3 pm | 6 pm
Tue 31 Aug  Mensagarten, Rempartstrasse - 15 Uhr | 18 Uhr
Wed 1 Sept    Zähringer Burg - 12 noon | 3 pm | 6 pm
Thur 2 Sept   Josef-Brandel-Anlage, FR-Haslach - 12 noon | 3 pm | 6 pm
Fri 3 Sept    Sternwaldeck, Waldseestrasse - 12 noon | 3 pm | 6 pm
Tue 7 Sept   Eschholzpark - 12 noon | 3 pm | 6 pm
Wed 8 Sept   Jesuitenschloss Schönberg - 12 noon | 3 pm | 6 pm

All concerts are free and open-air and will take place in accordance with the corona regulations.  We play in all except the most extreme weathers!  Audience numbers are limited; you are recommended to book a free ticket in advance using the order form.  It may be necessary to provide evidence that you have been vaccinated against or have recoverd from Covid-19, or show a negative test certificate.  The performances at noon and at 3 pm will be in both German and English, the 6 pm performance in English.  Please check this space for current information as to the corona regulations, the availability of seats, and possible cancellations in case of exreme weather.

The performances of "Robin Hood and his band" have been made possible due to a grant from the Impulse Programme Kunst trotz Abstand of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and Art. 'Danke schön'!

The Early Folk Band - Robin Hood und seine Bande

Gesine Bänfer (D) - bagpipes, whistles, cittern, voice
Susanne Ansorg (D) - fiddle, voice
Ian Harrison (GB) - bagpipes, whistles, cornett, harp, voice
Steve Player (GB) - barock guitar, dance, voice and comedy

ROBIN HOOD, the best archer in England, is the hero of Sherwood Forest.  He and his band of outlaws fight on the side of good against the evils of this world.  He takes from the rich and gives to the poor.  The forest is his home, and when he comes into town danger lurks in the form of the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.  His story is as least as old as the earliest surviving English ballads (13th century).  Hundreds of songs about him were printed on broadside ballads in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Music, song, dance, theatre and comedy combine to bring these ballads to life. Hear of Robin's life, and untimely death, in Sherwood Forest with Little John, Maid Marion, and the band of merry men - fighting, flirting, laughing and crying.  Hear the old tunes and dances from the North of England on bagpipes and whistles and gasp at Steve Player's clogging and tomfoolery. Hear old instruments like the harp, cittern, baroque guitar and fiddle.

The noon and 3pm performances will be in a mixture of English and German.  The 6pm performances will present the ballads in the original English.  The CD of this programme, produced by The Early Folk Band in coproduction with the German National Radio station 'Deutschlandradio Kultur' will be available for sale at the venues.  The CD appears on the independent Freiburg label


The members of the Freiburg-based Early Folk Band are all leading early music specialists.  With their historical instruments and techniques they have won prizes at prestigious festivals such as the Festival van Vlaanderen, Bruges, the BRTN Radio Prize (BE), the Rencontres Internationales des Maitres-Sonneurs, St. Chartier (FR) and in the categories 'Best wind players' and 'Best folk rock band' at  the German Pop Foundation.  In this programme they reconstruct the ballads as sold by singers on the street corners of 17th-century London


The CD Robin Hood is a co-production between The Early Folk Band and the German national radio station Deutschlandradio Kultur. Ballads, songs and dance tunes of the famous Outlaw.  The CD appears on the Freiburg independent label ahalani-records.

Press photo Early Folk Band

Photographer: Elisabeth Freundlich
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